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Investing in a Betterment stock portfolio since the end of through the end of would have produced a cumulative return of 0, which is the same as an average annual return of 0.

Assuming similar risk, your cumulative return would have differed from the average private client investor by +23%.

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Since Jan. 2004
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About this data

The Betterment portfolio historical performance numbers are based on a backtest of the ETFs or indices tracked by each asset class in a Betterment IRA portfolio as of October 2017. All percentage returns include the Betterment fee (0.25%) and the expenses of the underlying ETFs. All values are nominal. The backtested portfolio assumes daily portfolio rebalancing at market closing prices. More on these calculations can be found here.

The average private client investor returns shown are excerpted from the ARC Private Client Indices (“APCI”). APCI is a performance estimate based on the aggregation of investment returns of discretionary private clients with a minimum account size of $350,000, as reported by participating investment managers. APCI returns are based on account level performance, as opposed to the performance of each security held in the account. APCI data includes returns from clients served by non-US and non-SEC registered investment advisors. While Betterment invests clients solely in index-tracking ETFs, APCI participating managers invest in other assets as well. You can read more about the ARC methodology here.