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Can you beat a buy-and-hold strategy?


  1. You start with $10,000.
  2. You choose whether to invest in a diversified portfolio or cash for a randomly selected 6 months.
  3. We'll show you a real New York Times headline from the first day of the 6-month period.
  4. The diversified portfolio is 70% stocks and 30% bonds. More info
    1. The 6-month periods all occured from January 1928 to March 2014.
    2. The stock returns are from the S&P 500.
    3. The bond returns are from US Long-Term Treasury Bonds.

Will you invest for the next random period?

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Youa buy-and-hold portfolio by investing in of  periods.

On average, a buy-and-hold strategy outperforms all others. Learn more.

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